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What is it?



In-depth interviews and psychometric tests are amongst the tools used to help individuals unearth underlying issues that could be keeping them from achieving their full potential in both career and life. Taylor-made to suit clients' needs, it can be done in a shorter or longer version. It may also include the identification of one's Vision, Mission and Life Objectives.


By unlocking self-awareness, our clients were able to discover their true passion, define priorities and be better prepared to take advantage of opportunities.



Our expertise has been tested in various industries: 

PE - assessment of CEO candidates for invested companies; assessment of management teams 


Family Conglomerates - assessment of heirs to identify successor (in partnership with McKinsey)


Multinationals and Banks - assessment of candidates for C-Level positions, leadership development programs



Designed to be a follow-up of the assessment process, in addition to adressing the issues raised, it also focuses on helping inviduals take ownership and leverage on their strengths to reach objectives.


It has been successfully applied in a number of contexts - to help heir & wife in the transition out of the company, to develop high potentials in Leadership Programs, to support entrepreneurs, bankers, heirs & politicians as they face difficult decisions.  



Who is it for?

Leadership.Art services have been successfully delivered at the C-level of global organizations. They have also been used by senior executives to find a new sense of purpose after major career transitions. Nonetheless, we see a huge untapped potential for our services amongst young professionals. The leaders of tomorow currently enterring the workforce face unprecedented challenges and opportunities unknown to previous generations, which may be rather overwhelming and difficult to navigate without self-knowledge. More than ever, having a clear sense of purpose and an understanding as to where one's mission may lead is key for having a head start in their professional lives.         


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The Fine Art of Leadership
by Thays Cristina da Nóbrega Cunha


After conducting over 100 in-depth assessments of senior executives I had the opportunity to learn how to identify leaders with the potential to hinder their organisation’s sustainable performance. Refusing to take a closer look at the human side before setting ambitious goals and performance review criteria, they basically neglect Drucker’s simple yet wise claim that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 

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Thays Cristina da Nóbrega Cunha

Owner at Leadership.Art

For the past ten years I have been helping individuals and organisations become a better version of themselves through Leadership & Organisational Development, Executive Search & Assessment projects. To do so I rely on extensive training on human behaviour - Neuroscience, Psychoanalysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming - as well as on the experience of having conducted over 100 in-depth assessments of C-level executives. 


Upon earning a B.Tech degree in Computer Technology from ITA, I started my career as Management Trainee at Citibank followed by seven years working for global banks in São Paulo. After my MBA at INSEAD in France I joined the World Bank’s "Young Professionals Program"​ in Washington DC where I served as Investment Officer (IFC) for four years. Back in France to work at INSEAD's MBA Career Services I had the opportunity to discover a new passion - in those two years (2004 - 2006) I delivered over 500 hours of coaching to MBAs. This is how my new journey started.